Raising Royalty is a blog about homeschooling and raising children as a single parent. From navigating the stresses of managing discipline, chores and school without a partner, to coparenting with a perhaps less-than-cooperative ex, I share the solutions and stories from my life and family.

Hi, I'm Sarah, divorced single mom to my 5 princesses. I've homeschooled them all since birth, through births, illness, disability diagnoses, multiple moves and divorce. I'd love to have you join me on my journey, and hopefully find help and hope through my story. 

As a bonus, I also offer the free printable charts and checklists that I use in my home and homeschool every day. Simply submit your email below, and I'll send you the link to download your own copies! Then every week, I'll send you a quick note with the latest happenings from my blog, and some inspiration to keep you going. 

From one queen to another, here's to finding that happy-ever-after ending. 
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